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NHTSA has released the highly anticipated 2023 training curricula for the DWI/SFST training course, ARIDE training course, and DRE training course. All of our training courses will be taught using the 2023 NHTSA curricula.

Impaired Driving Specialists, LLC offers development training courses for attorneys at least 10 times a year. Courses include the NHTSA “DWI Detection & SFST Student” course, the NHTSA “SFST Update/Refresher” course, the NHTSA “SFST Instructor” course, the NHTSA “Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement” (ARIDE) course, an overview of the NHTSA/IACP “DRE program”, as well as the extremely popular annual “DUI Training Super Symposium”.

Impaired Driving Specialists, LLC will also travel to your state and teach any of the NHTSA courses we offer so you and your colleagues do not have to hassle with traveling. We will provide all the materials for the course, to include a certificate of completion.

Let the consultants who have trained over 26,000 police officers prepare you for your next case!

Check back with us periodically for new dates on each course. For additional information on any of the below courses or to be placed on an announcement list for future training dates, please email us at

Webinar - SFST Refresher Training

Webinar - ARIDE Overview Training

Webinar - DRE Overview Training

NHTSA's DWI/SFST Student Training Course

NHTSA’s SFST Instructor Training Course

NHTSA’s DWI/SFST Refresher Training Course