DWI Detection & SFST Refresher – Webinar
TBA – 2024

Approved for 4 CLE hours by the State Bar of Georgia

This Webinar will be covering the most current NHTSA SFST Training Curriculum

This Webinar is taught by a highly experienced SFST Instructor who has trained over 5,000 law enforcement officers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges in the NHTSA Impaired Driving training curriculums.

This Webinar provides the attendees with a refresher on NHTSA’s Phase I, Vehicle In Motion cues and Phase II, Personal Contact cues, which includes the officer’s initial observations of vehicle operation, the decision to stop, the observation of the stop, the face-to-face observation, the interview of the driver, and the decision to instruct the driver to exit the vehicle.

This Webinar also provides the attendees with a detailed refresher on the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs), which includes how officers are trained to properly administer, interpret, and score the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test, the Walk and Turn test, and the One Leg Stand test.

This Webinar also covers the most common errors officers make while administering the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test, the Walk and Turn test, and the One Leg Stand test, as well as the impact on the validity of the SFSTs when errors are made and how the errors impact the reliability of the clues observed by the officers.

Attendees will receive the most current NHTSA DWI/SFST student manual, the NHTSA SFST development & validation studies, the NHTSA mid-90’s field validation studies, additional topic related handouts, and a handout version of speaker’s power point presentation (over 1,000 pages of materials / all electronic format). Attendees will also receive a certificate of completion.

Instructor: Anthony D. Palacios – Impaired Driving Specialists, LLC

Dates & Times: TBA – 2024

Tuition: $229. / Attendee

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Click Here to Register for TBA – 2024 

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