NHTSA’s SFST Instructor Training Course
April 13-16, 2023 & TBA - Summer 2023

“DWI Detection & SFST Instructor Development Training”

The most current NHTSA SFST Instructor Development Training Curriculum at the time of the course will be used. 

Prerequisite: Attendee must have successfully completed the IACP/NHTSA 24-hour DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Student Training Course prior to attending this course. Attendee must be able to provide proof of meeting this prerequisite upon request.

Due to the live alcohol workshop practical exercise and the student-teaching proficiency, this course is limited to the first 15 registered participants. 

This course is taught by an experienced SFST Instructor-Trainer who has trained 1000’s of law enforcement officers in the standardized field sobriety tests.

This is not an “overview” or “crash course”. This is the actual 32-hour NHTSA SFST Instructor training course. This course will be utilizing the new February 2017 NHTSA SFST Instructor training curriculum.

Participants will receive the exact training law enforcement officers receive throughout the nation to become SFST Instructors. All 9 modules will be covered in order for participants to become a SFST Instructor under NHTSA guidelines.

Course Instructor: Anthony D. Palacios, Impaired Driving Specialists, LLC

Location: Marriott Conference Center, Alpharetta, GA – The discounted group lodging rate at the hotel is $129 plus tax. Upon registering, Attendee will receive a confirmation email containing a link to access the discounted group rate.

Attendees will Recieve: 2018 NHTSA SFST Instructor manual, 2018 NHTSA student manual, 2018 NHTSA curriculum power point, training videos, and alcohol workshop videos, as well as the 2015 & 2013 NHTSA training curriculum packages, and a certificate of course completion.

Dates: April 13-16, 2023 & TBA – Summer 2023

Fee: $850 per participant

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