IDS Consulting takes pride in making every client feel as if they are our only client. Most of our clients are “repeats” or are referrals. But you do not have to believe what we say about ourselves, read what our clients say about our services.

Comprehensive & Written Reports

“The two written reports you did on my clients were terrific. I used them to cross the officers on the HGN at a motion hearing and the Judge suppressed the HGN on both. Your report was right on target and I had both officers agreeing with you before the day was over. Thanks again for all you do and your help.”

“Excellent and incredibly thorough.  Great roadmap for preparing for cross examination for trial.  I would call it an invaluable tool and a real tangible value for the client.”

“More than thorough.  I can use the report as a template for cross examination of the a/o at motions hearing, saving court appearance for trial in the event of an unfavorable ruling.”

Court Appearances

“I told the state we were bringing (Anthony) in and they offered a reckless.”

“Anthony was extremely professional and responsive with respect to the case I worked with him.  Anthony reviewed my client’s case and determined that the arresting officer administered field sobriety tests improperly.  The prosecutor initially planned to call their own expert witness to support the officer’s tests.  However, the prosecutor’s expert reviewed Anthony’s opinions before his testimony and agreed with Anthony’s assessment.  Needless to say, the prosecutor did not have their witness testify.”

“Thoroughly prepared in court on all the cases I hired Mr. Palacios on as an expert.  On one case, due to his interest, Mr. Palacios drove out to the scene and took notes.  One thing that makes Mr. Palacios so believable on the witness stand is his belief in the FSE however, he believes they must be done correctly.  In presenting the case, Mr. Palacios can explain how the FSE’s are properly done and why the arresting officer did not perform them correctly.”


“The SFST seminar was the best seminar I have ever attended in 33.5 years of practice, including the 50 or so at which I have lectured!  Just incredible.” – SFST Practitioner Attendee / May 2019

“Tony really knows his stuff and did a great job teaching us. He is a super instructor.” – SFST Practitioner Attendee / May 2019

“Most productive, practical CLE I have attended in my career.” – SFST Practitioner Attendee / May 2019

“Tony is everything reported, and he lives up to his reputation!” – SFST Practitioner Attendee / May 2019

“The live alcohol workshops were outstanding. A must for any DUI practitioner” – SFST Practitioner Attendee / March 2018

“Best DUI seminar I have been to in years!” – SFST Practitioner Attendee / March 2018

“Honestly all 5’s, and I have never rated a seminar all 5’s before!” – DRE Overview Attendee / February 2018

“Best seminar I have ever been to.” – DRE Overview Attendee / February 2018

“This training is invaluable to anyone trying DUI cases. Excellent training by an excellent instructor” – ARIDE Attendee / July 2017

“This course was truly the most practical and effective DUI course I’ve ever taken in 16 years of practice.” – SFST Practitioner Attendee / June 2017

“The testimonials and hype about Tony’s course is true. One of the best seminars I’ve ever attended.” – SFST Practitioner Attendee / June 2017

“I always heard great things about Tony’s courses but I was truly blown away. The interaction was great and the instruction was exceptional.” – SFST Practitioner Attendee / June 2016

“One of the most enjoyable and informative classes I have taken.” – SFST Practitioner Attendee / June 2016

“Mr. Palacios has an amazing understanding of the subject matter and an inate ability to convey the information to the students.” – ARIDE Attendee / March 2016

“Great course. Definitely has increased my confidence for trials.” – SFST Instructor Attendee / January 2016

“This was my 3rd training course with Tony and I can’t imagine defending DUI’s without the knowledge I have gained from him.”

“A must have for any DUI practitioner. My confidence level has doubled thanks to Mr. Palacios and this course.”

“Any lawyer who does DUI work and doesn’t take Tony’s seminar classes like this one is committing malpractice.”

“Mr. Palacios is clearly hands down the very best in this subject area of SFSTs and DRE. I have attended training before in both, but after attending his course, I have walked away with so much more, it is like I have fresh open eyes as to these important subjects.”

“You will not find an instructor who better understands this course material and what lawyers should take away from it.”

“This is a top notch program. Tony Palacios’ ability to communicate material is unmatched.”